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METASPIRA HUE TRRS cable Angle type

METASPIRA HUE TRRS cable Angle type

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Product Details: The METASPIRA HUE TRRS cable is a high-quality, practical connection cable designed specifically for split keyboards. Featuring an L-shaped connector, it provides a space-efficient connection that seamlessly fits into any desk setup. Handcrafted in Japan, this cable uses MDPC-X color sleeves and a custom stainless steel spring as protective sleeves, ensuring both durability and an exceptional aesthetic.

Design: The combination of MDPC-X color sleeves and a stainless steel protective spring creates a sleek, modern design with unparalleled uniqueness. This one-of-a-kind cable enhances the originality and elegance of your desktop.

Size Variations:

  • 15cm: Perfect for the most compact setups.
  • 30cm: Ideal for standard desk sizes.
  • 50cm: Suitable for larger desk spaces.

Packaging: OPP Bag

Why Choose This Cable: The METASPIRA HUE TRRS cable is the perfect choice for split keyboard users. It combines space efficiency, durability, and ease of handling with a sophisticated design that enhances your desk's appearance. Available in three different lengths, this cable fits perfectly into any work environment, providing a comfortable and efficient keyboard experience.

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